There is a long trail leading to the formation of the Dokter Hewan Gunawan Rahardja Veterinary Clinic (Jakarta Vet Clinic). The first step was taken in 1977 when Dokter Hewan Gunawan Rahardja established his own veterinary clinic on Biak street. The clinic served medical check up and surgery for small animal. Unpredictable, many client came to check their companion animal. By increasing number of the client, he need a larger space so he moved to Moti street since 1984 until now. Initially, he served the client by himself. Later he was taken new veterinarians to be assistance while educated them to be a practitioner. In 2004, the new branch was open on Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. In recent years Gunawan Rahardja Veterinary Clinic tried harder to improve its quality in veterinary services and medical equipment to face the challenges in veterinary practice.


Become an excellent veterinary service in Indonesia with world class standard practice


By providing high standard veterinary service based on :

  • Good practice
  • Excellent veterinarian knowlegdes
  • Quality product support
  • High technology surgery equipment