Does every new dog or cat need to visit the veterinarian before bringing them home?

Yes, of course. They need to visit veterinarian for a complete physical examination, which should include measurement of body temperature, fecal examination and vital signs (pulse and breathing rate) and evaluation of the other organ. The advantage is you can carried out a prevention If any abnormal condition or incubation period of disease.

At which age a dog and cat could be vaccinated at the first time?

First vaccination could be given to dog at 6 weeks of age, while at 8 weeks of age for cat. Your veterinarian could help to explain initial series vaccination for achieving best protection.

What are criteria of healthy dog and cat?

Healthy dogs and cats can be seen from many aspects like skin and coat, eyes, ears, nose, gum and teeth. The healthy one will have a soft, bright, vigorous – looking coat with no lesions. Abnormal appearance may indicate parasite infestation, eczema, bacterial / mycotic infection or other disease. The eyes are clean, clear, and alert with no excessive watering. The ears are odorless and clean. Nose should be cool and slightly damp with no discharge. The gum color is pink with a clean teeth.