Pet Care Tips

Annual Vaccinations

Vaccinations teach the immune system to recognise and respond quickly to certain infections before they can cause serious illness. They contain harmless strains of the viruses and bacteria that your dog needs protection against. Most of the diseases that are vaccinated against have no specific cure, and treatment can only support the animal before its immune system can hopefully fight off the disease. Recent advances in vaccine technology mean that they are safer than ever and can protect against even more diseases.


When To Vaccinate?

Vaccines are usually first used in pups from six weeks of age. Generally a double dose of vaccine is given 2-4 weeks apart and then every year a single booster injection is given to keep their immunity at fully protective levels. It is essential to ensure that your pup is fully vaccinated before coming into contact with other dogs’ as they may be carriers of the diseases.

Why Does My Dog Need Annual Boosters?

Although some components of the routine vaccine do stimulate a long-term immunity that can last for a few years, most components do not and so an annual booster is essential to ensure full protection. The specific interval between booster injections will vary depending on which product is used and so it is essential to consult your veterinary surgeon, who will know your own dogs` requirements.

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