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Jl. Moti No.1
Roxy, Jakarta Pusat


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Jl.Kelapa Hybrida Raya
Blok QG 10/21
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara


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About Our Clinic

There is a long trail leading to the formation of the Gunawan Rahardja Veterinary Clinic (Jakarta Vet Clinic). The first step was taken in 1977 when Gunawan Rahardja established his own veterinary clinic on Biak street. The clinic served medical check up and surgery for small animal. Unpredictable, many client come to check their companion animal. By increasing number of the client, he need a larger space so he moved to Moti street since 1984 until now.


Does every new dog or cat need to visit the veterinarian before bringing them home?
Yes, of course. They need to visit veterinarian for a complete physical examination, which should include measurement of body temperature..

Patient's Story

Baby, Empat Kali Operasi Kaki
Baby, seekor anjing pomeranian betina umur 9 tahun mengalami pincang kaki belakang.

Luna, Kalkuli VU
Seekor anjing campuran poodle, betina, umur 9,5 tahun mengalami kesulitan urinasi.